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Septic Tank Pumping Questions

Septic Tank pumping and repair can be a scary thing for most people. To be honest most people don’t want to even think about having to repair their septic tank or field lines, well I don’t blame you but it is important for the health of your septic system to stick to some sort of a routine maintenance schedule to avoid costly repair…

Q. How often should I have my septic tank pumping done?

A. Well this is a great question and I will try to answer it as short and sweet as I know how…  Below is a diagram of how a properly working septic tank might look…

knoxville tn septic tank pumping and repair

Some of the exterior of your septic tank may vary but the internal baffles should be consistent with what you have….

Now as I stated in the caption on the picture the external parts such as manhole riser and inspection pipes are nice to have but not a deal breaker. Everything else on the diagram is pretty much a must have! O.k. let’s say you do have a riser( if you do not have a riser you will have to find your septic tank and dig up the lid) and you took off the lid and saw that the “scum” or the “liquid layer” is all the way to the top of your septic tank… In this case you will most defiantly have to have your septic tank pumping done and inspected to see what is causing the septic backup problem. At this point you kneed not panic just call (865)567-4911. It still might be a pretty inexpensive and simple repair but your septic tank will have to be pumped in order to go any further…

septic pumping knoxville tn- septic pumping clinton tn

This is a example of what your yard will likely look like in the event that your septic system has failed… In this case your septic tank would be full and need to be pumped as well as your field lines will also have to be inspected and most likely replaced….

Septic System Looks O.K. But Still Isn’t Working Properly?

Alright let’s say you have checked the level of your septic tank and it seems to be in proper working order..”Note: The liquid level should not exceed the top of the outlet baffle as shown in diagram.”  But your toilets still won’t flush or you shower still wont drain. In this case you could have a clogged inlet baffle or even something lodged in your drain pipes.. Again don’t panic just  call if you can’t figure it out and we can figure it out together…(865)567-4911

The short answer to the question “how often should i get my septic tank pumped” If you are wanting to get on a regular septic tank pumping schedule then I would recommend you get your septic tank pumped every 4-5 years…

Now I no that most people don’t want to mess with their septic tank system on their own and that’s o.k. Let my helpful employees and I put over 20 years of septic repair, pumping, and installation experience to work for you.. Septic repair is what we do!


This is a new septic drain field being installed….

power sewer auger used to clean drains

We have the Right tool to clean out your stopped up drain.

If you have a stopped up drain or stopped up sewer pipe we have the right tools to get you flowing again!

If you are in need of septic tank pumping or septic repair 
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