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We want to make your Septic Tank Repair as easy as possible so we have listed some helpful links…..

Something you may want to consider while getting your septic tank pumped is having a Riser installed. Having a riser installed will make any future septic pumping or septic repair easier to diagnose by not having to find and re-dig your septic tank lid because it will already be even with the top of the ground… (Please note having a riser installed at the same time as your septic tank pumped isn’t required but is highly recommended…)

We use what we consider to be some of the best products offered on the market today….  Tuf-tite risers….. Click HERE….

Knoxville's most affordable septic tank riser installation...

If you have any questions regarding septic tank risers please give me a call (865) 567-4911

Septic Tank Pumping Knoxville TN

Let’s say you live in Knoxville Tn and you are wanting to have a new Septic system installed or you need major septic tank repair done in Knoxville tn… we are a licensed septic installer for all of Knox county but you will have to get a permit for major septic repair and/or new septic tank installations…  Give us a call and we would be glad to walk you through the process (865) 567-4911…. If you are interested in researching septic pumping, repair, or new installation permits for Knoxville tn then click Knox County Health Department.


Septic Tank Pumping Clinton Tn

O.k., Let’s say you are building a new home and you are needing some help finding out how to go about getting your septic tank permit. This I can also help you with if you give me a call (865) 567-4911….. If you would rather do some research on your own then I will post a link at the end of this paragraph. It’s important for you to understand that when you are having your septic tank pumped  permits aren’t required if you are having a licensed professional pump your septic tank.. It is also important for you to understand that not all septic repairs require a permit however most major septic tank repair will likely require a permit…. Click on this link for permits in Anderson County Tn…. Click Anderson County Health Department.


No matter where you live Knoxville, Clinton, Oakridge, Kingston, Caryville, Powell, or anywhere close to one of these areas if you are having a Septic Tank or Septic Tank Drain field installed then we are here to walk you through the process… Let us help!

septic pumping knoxville tn- septic pumping clinton tn

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