Grease Trap Pumping

Grease Trap Pumping Service

Providing  Grease Traps Pumping to Knoxville, Clinton, Powell, and all surrounding counties is just one of the many services that we provide at George’s Septic Service. Grease Trap Pumping is crucial to your routine and preventive  maintenance.

What is Grease Trap Pumping?

All public treatment plants find it very difficult to treat Grease when it gets in the sewer system and that is why grease traps keep Grease out of the sewer systems.  All Grease and solids are pumped out and are disposed of in a proper manor.

Things you should no about Grease Traps…

  • Grease Traps help protect the environment.
  • Grease Traps help protect Restaurant owners.

As the owner of your establishment you and your company can be held responsible for improper disposal of Trapped Grease. This is why it is important to always have your Grease Trap Pumped on a regular basis.


Save yourself the hassle and a costly mistake let George’s Septic Pumping Service take care of your Grease Trap today. We offer competitive rates starting at just $240.00 per 1,000 gallon tank.

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